Terrain-adjusted marathon pace bands, pacing spreadsheets, elevation charts, training plans, running calculators, and other information for long distance runners 
Other Running Tools & Info
Mapping, measuring, and rules:
MapMyRun (Mapping)
RunningAHEAD (Mapping)
Gmaps Pedometer (Mapping)
Track Calculator (Calculate distances, lap times, pace, etc.)
Search for certified courses and maps (USATF)
How certified courses are measured (USATF)
The measurement of Road Race Courses (IAAF)
USATF Competition Rules - 2013 (Refer to pg 143 for Info on Long Distance Running Events)

Calculate road grade based on distance and altitude gain or loss:
Road Grade Calculator (CSGNetwork)

Road Grade Calculator (Tom Fangrow)

Greg's Running University Articles (Greg McMillan)
Training programs and other running information (Hal Higdon)
Intelligent Training for Distance Runners (Collection of Articles by Pete Pfitzinger)
Collection of articles by Frank Horwill (Serpentine Running/Frank Horwill)
Jim2's Running Page (He was a regular contributor on many forums and a great resource for runners!!!)
Teletrac Navman Group - Collection of articles and other running resources (Thanks Mia!)

Marathon Statistics:
Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS)
International Association of Athletics Federations - Index of World Records (IAAF)
Road Racing Statistics (Running USA)
Predicted performance differences for elite marathoners at various races (AARS)
Elite distance running stats (AARS)

USA Marathon Statistics: Data from MarathonGuide .com Summarized - Download (Greg Maclin)

The effects of age and gender performance:
Women vs Men Part I: World Record Evolution (The Science of Sport)
Women vs Men Part II: The Physiology of Difference (The Science of Sport)
Women vs Men Part III: Women Find Their "Niche" in Longer Distances (The Science of Sport)
Men and Women Not Equally Qualified, But Don't Blame Boston (Running Times)
It's Time for Women to Run Faster - Boston Marathon Prompts a Gender War (Wall Street Journal)

The effect of hills on running & pacing:
Downhill All the Way (Running Times)
Understanding Aidedness - The Effect of Drop (Measurement News/Bob Baumel)
LetsRun discussion with Jack Daniels (jtupper) on "Speed vs. Slope" (2003)
RunningAHEAD discussion regarding the affects of road grade on difficulty (2007)
Calories Burned Running Hills ("This Man Runs" blog, by "Doc 26.2")
A Need fo Speed: A New Speedometer for Runners - Pages 35-40 (MIT/Ravindra Vadali Sastry, 1999)
Energy cost of walking and running at extreme uphill and downhill slopes (J Appl Physiol/Minetti et al)
Marathon Pace Perfect - Your optimal marathon pace (Running Times/Pete Pfitzinger)
Eccentric Training for Downhill Running (Peak Performance)

Nutrition, Calories, Hydration, and running:
Lessons on Fueling for Training and Racing (McMillan Running)
The Runner's Ultimate Nutritional Recovery Routine (McMillan Running)

Indrect Calorimetry During Ultradistance Running: A Case Report (J Sports Science Med/Dumke et al)
How many calories are you really burning? (Runner's World)

Runner's Calorie Counter (RunnersConnect)

Multi-Sport Calorie Counter (MarathonGuide)
Guidelines for fluid replacement (AIMS)
Guidelines for fluid replacement - More detailed info (Tim Noakes for IMMDA)

Running and your health:
When is it too hot for a marathon? (American College of Sports Medicine)
The 5 Most Troublesome Running Injuries (
Treating Achilles Tendonitis (Running Writings)
Heart Health - Information about running and heart attacks (Runner's World)
Are Marathons Danerous? (Runner's World)
How Far is Too Far? (Forbes India)
Endurance excercise - is it worth it? (The AFIB Report)
Running slows the aging clock (Stanford University School of Medicine)
UNC Study Pinpoints Causes of "Runner's Knee" (UNC School of Medicine)
Is Running Bad for Your Knees?  Maybe Not. (Time)
Can Running Actually Help Your Knees? (New York Times)
Do Running Shoes Cause Running Injuries? (Runners World)
The Effect of Running Shoes on Lower Extremity Joint Torques (PM&R Journal)
Air travel and the risk of blood clots in athletes (
Athletes and Blood Clots (National Blood Clot Alliance)
Does Ibuprofen Help or Hurt During Exercise? (New York Times)
Prophylactic misuse and recommended use of NSAIDs by athletes (British Journal of Sports Medicine)
Children and Marathoning: How Young is Too Young? (IMMDA)
Risks in Distance Running in Children (AAP)
Overuse Injuries, Overtraining, and Burnout in Child and Adolescent Athletes (AAP)
Julstro Muscle & Joint Pain Forum

Runner's World/Running Times
TheRunZone (Tinman)
CH Runners
KICKrunners (Cool Running)
Julstro Muscle & Joint Pain Forum

Marathon Photos (Greg Maclin):
2004 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
2006 Boston Marathon 
2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
2007 Boston Marathon
       "The Marathon They Almost Canceled":  The Boston Globe
       "Dodging a Bullet - The (Almost) Perfect Storm":  Article by Dave McGilivray
2007 New York City Marathon
2008 St. Louis Marathon
2008 Lewis & Clark Marathon - cut short at 10 miles because of Intense Storm
       (Video Showing Conditions)
2009 Rock 'n Roll Arizona Marathon
2010 Houston Marathon
2010 Go! St. Louis Marathon
2010 Illinois Marathon
2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

What to Wear (Runner's World)

International Shoe Size Conversion Chart (Run the Planet)

Lacing Techniques (New Balance)

Lacing Techniques (Runner's World)

How to tie your shoes (Runner's World)
The screw shoe: The best way to run on packed snow and ice (

Humorous articles about running:
Everyone Poops (Hilarious article about a runner's worst nightmare!)
The anti-zombies: These marathoners move among us (What it's like to be married to a marathoner!)
Non-Runner Dies While Not Running (A jab at people who think running is bad for you)

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