Terrain-adjusted marathon pace bands, pacing spreadsheets, elevation charts, training plans, running calculators, and other information for long distance runners 
Running Calculators
Based on performances at other races, these calculate training paces and predict performance at various distances.  Be aware that when predicting marathon performance based on times from shorter races, most of these calculators will predict a very aggressive finish time:
Distance/Time (McMillan)

Distance/Time (Running for Fitness)
Distance/Time (Runworks)

Distance/Time (RunningAHEAD)
VDOT - Distance/Time (Runbayou)

VDOT - Distance/Time (Attackpoint)
VO2 Max & Purdy Points - Distance/Time (Run-Down)
Race Time Estimator with Adjustible "Aggressiveness" Settings - Download (Greg Maclin)
Distance/Time/Mileage - Uses data collected by "Jim2" - Download (Greg Maclin)
Marathon Course Time Predictor - Download (Greg Maclin)
Boston Marathon Predicted Times - Download (Greg Maclin)

Based on your input for two out of three variables (Distance/Time/Pace), calculate the third:
Distance/Time/Pace (Marathon Guide)
Distance/Time/Pace (

Run/Walk Calculators:
Gallowalking Pace Calculator (Coach Dino)
Gallowalking Pace Calculator (Scott Glazer)
Run Walk Pace Calculator (Joe Ely)

Track Info:
Track Calculator (Calculate distances, lap times, pace, etc.)

Runner's Nutritional Calculator (

Heart rate:
Training and Racing Heart Rate Zones - Download (Greg Maclin)

A large collection of running tools for calculating training/race paces, VO2max, heart rate training, weight, and diet:
Distance/Time, VO2 Max, HR, Weight, Diet (Running for Fitness)

WMA Age Grading (see how you rank):
WMA Age-Grading (Howard Grubb - 2015)
Age Graded Calculator (Easier to use version at Runner's World)
More Info About Age Graded Scoring

WMA Notes:
100% = Approximate World Record Performance
90%+ = World Class Performance
80%+ = National Class Performance
70%+ = Regional Class Performance
60%+ = Local Class Performance

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